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What Premium Services To Expect From Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC?

Unlike the other carpet cleaners, Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC not only fulfills the cleaning demands of their clients but also take utmost care for their 100% service satisfaction. Moreover, our professionals are well experienced to remove all the firm and dense stains from your carpets, tile, and furniture

We are available to you at any time during the water damage situation and restore it by using our latest tools and equipment. However, we also sanitize and disinfect the pet stains and odor in your house to avoid the growth of germs. 

If the need arises, pressure and soft washing services are applied to your home surfaces. We clean dirt and mold from your air ducts and dryer vents system to give you the best heating and cooling environment.

Our carpet cleaning and all other services will definitely make the customers happy and satisfied in Lakeland. To know more details or get our free quote, call us at 305-927-5959.

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5-Star Customer Reviews 

5 Star Rating

Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC offers the best service to the customer. They were very knowledgeable professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Hilary Bell

5 Star Rating

Love this company they are all around good people. They’re very professional and do an amazing job every time they come out! FAIR PRICES! & GREAT WORK!

Jc Flako

5 Star Rating

Knowing the diligence and commitment of the persons in charge, I can easily recommend these services to all my friends and family.

Juan Guadalupe Jr