Although no homeowners want to encounter mold problems in their air ducts, it is inevitable. When mold starts growing inside the air ducts, its spores spread all over the place. And when you come in contact with mold spores, you feel nauseous, get a headache or a full-on allergy attack. Either way, it’s not good for your health.

Can mold be removed from air ducts? The answer is yes, you can do it. If you want to know the best way to remove mold from air ducts, then read below.

How To Remove Mold From Air Ducts?

Cleaning mold from the air ducts is not a hard process if you know how to do it correctly and have all the right equipment. Here’s how you should clean the air ducts:

Inspection: Start the cleaning process by inspecting the air vent covers, the insides of the duct, the HVAC system, and the area surrounding the air duct. This helps to understand what kind of debris and gunk you are dealing with. Now, you can formalize a cleaning plan that removes all the gunk from the ducts including mold.
♦ Cleaning: You need brushes, air whips, and a HEPA vacuum to clean the insides of the duct. Before doing so, wear a PPE kit along with goggles to save yourself from touching mold. Brushes and air whips help to remove the debris from the ducts, whereas the HEPA vacuum helps to remove allergens, mold, germs, and bacteria from inside.
♦ Cleaning The Components of the Air Duct: Use a mild cleaning agent along with warm water and a clean cloth to clean heating and cooling coils, diffusers, grills, housings, and motors. Assemble all the components once they are dry.

Don’t Deal With Mold Yourself! Let The Professional Handle It!

Well, if you want to remove mold from air ducts, then it’s best to let professional air duct cleaners. This is because handling mold isn’t simple. You may be able to clean the air ducts but won’t be able to remove mold easily.

Any fault in removing mold will cause it spread all over your place. Then, this will become an even bigger problem. However, if you had help from experts, you won’t encounter this problem, for sure.

So, if you need professional air duct cleaning services in Lakeland and the nearby areas, contact Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC. Our professionals provide guaranteed deep cleaning of your air duct. Hence, book your consultation today.