Cedar siding is one type of natural wood siding made from red or white cedar and found in the United States. Mainly, to wash the cedar sidings, the soft washing service is preferable. But, if the professionals handle it, then pressure washing is also possible.

However, cedar is a softwood and so deep cleaning through pressure washing is avoided. So, finally, can you pressure wash cedar siding? Know here the factors affecting pressure washing on cedar siding.

Factors Affecting While Doing Pressure Wash Cedar Siding

1) The Kind Of Cedar Siding

There are 3 kinds of cedar sidings. They are smooth, rough, and shake sidings. The easiest is the smooth cedar siding for cleaning purposes. Mainly, a soft washing technique is used for it. But, how to clean rough cedar? In rough cedar sidings, the dust can easily reside in the small grooves and spaces. So, more preparation for pressure washing is needed.

While, shake siding is the toughest to clean as all types of algae, mold, and mildew can easily stick to it. Remember, a professional sets a proper PSI level of pressure washer to clean it.

2) Cleaning Method

The cleaning method is important for cedar sidings. Because, no matter you do pressure wash or soft wash, the detergent solution is mixed in water and then sprayed on the sidings for cleaning. Then, the mixture is left on the cedar walls to soak properly.

The soaking time depends on the wood type. If the wood is rough, then the soak time is longer. But, for softwood like cedar, soaking time is less.

3) Pressure Washer Type

If you are just cleaning and stripping your softwood cedar siding, then it takes a 1300 PSI pressure washer. While for pressure washing the bricks and hardwoods the PSI level is 3000. This PSI level can harm cedar sidings.

Hope you are now clear with the question “Can You Pressure Wash Cedar Siding?” after looking at the 3 factors.

Is Paint Or Stain Better For Cedar Siding?

It depends on the cedar wood condition for your home. As you know that the stains remain for a long time on cedar, but for that, your cedar sidings must be paint-free. Well, if you are looking to hire professional soft/pressure washing services for your cedar sidings, then trust Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC in the Lakeland location.