When you clean your air ducts, it will definitely make a mess because of the dust and harmful contaminants collected inside them. However, you shouldn’t neglect the air duct cleaning process because of this reason.

Moreover, the clean air ducts will prove to be more efficient, use less energy, and in turn save your money. If you have ever wondered, is cleaning air ducts worth it? Then, think about the dirt and debris buildup in the air ducts that can contaminate the air you breathe. This triggers an allergy attack or causes severe health issues.

Instead of thinking “Does air duct cleaning make a mess?”, you should look for a reliable professional air duct cleaning service. Because the technicians after cleaning the air ducts will also clear all the mess formed in the surrounding area properly.

As when you hire unlicensed people or attempt to do it yourself, there is a risk of conducting a sub-optimal job. Know here the precautions to be taken while cleaning air ducts.

Precautionary Steps To Prevent Mess During Air Duct Cleaning

1) Regular Maintenance

Conduct regular checkups of your HVAC system to ensure the unit operates at optimum capacity. Change its air filters every three months. Houses with children and pets should change filters monthly.

Without a clean filter, your system works harder to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Thus, deteriorating its lifespan, and spreading dust all over inside the house.

2) Repairing Leaky Ducts

If there is dirt even after you conduct regular cleaning in all seasons, you might have leaky ducts. These faulty ducts pull dirty air into your home. They spread the debris all over, destroy its efficiency and increase your electricity bills.

3) Protect Your Ducts From Renovations And Remodeling

Construction usually buries your house in heaps of dust. Sawdust and other particles get sucked into your air duct if they are not sealed properly.

Another thing to keep in mind is to wait a week after the renovation is complete, to replace your HVAC air filter. This will allow the filter to catch any leftover dirt from the renovation before installing a new one.

4) Check For Mold

Mold is always present in the wet or moist areas in your home, but it doesn’t become a problem until it settles. The buildup of mold can lead to the release of spores that will travel through the air ducts and quickly lead to the accumulation of dirt.

The best way to remove molds from air ducts is to make sure you keep the moisture of your house in check, as mold thrives in humid climates.

How Long Does It Take To Clean Air Ducts?

For two technicians to clean a small house, it will take anywhere between two to four hours. Homes that are old homes or have pets may take longer to clean.

Still, worrying does air duct cleaning make a mess? Then, opt for the finest professional air duct cleaning service at Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC. We provide neat and clean surroundings after cleaning your air ducts properly at an affordable price.