So, when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your house, most people opt for pressure washing. But in this blog, we are discussing soft washing and how it works. Now, don’t get confused with either. Pressure washing and soft washing are different. They both use similar cleaning techniques, but different water pressure.

With the confusion sorted out, let us jump onto how does soft washing works.   

What is Soft Washing A House?

Soft washing is a simple method of washing delicate surfaces using a mild, eco-friendly cleaning solution at low pressure. The cleaning process involves the usage of low-pressure pumps that pump out water-cleaning solution mixture onto your property’s exterior. 

This cleaning solution is left to work its magic for some time. It removes debris stuck on the surfaces along with all the dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria present there. This cleaning method is very effective as it reaches even hard to reach places such as cracks and crevices and also clean them up properly. 

To rinse out the cleaning solution from the now clean surface, the soft washing appliance uses a soft washing pump, and clean water is sprayed at low pressure. The pressure is kept minimal and is at 500PSI (pressure per square inch) throughout the entire cleaning process. 

Don’t attempt to do this on your own. Any small mistake handling water at different pressure points can cause an accident. Pressure washers also offer this service to all their clients. Using the weak streak of water, pressure washers deep clean your entire exterior without causing any damage to it 

⇒ Benefits of Soft Washing A House   

  • Reduces dirt buildup from the exterior surfaces.
  • Works wonderfully on painted stucco surfaces, brick walls, sidings, cleaning backyard furniture, pathways, and walkways.
  • The cleaning solution used is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • It reaches all the tough places such as crack, tears, crevices, holes, etc., which you may not be able to clean on your own. 
  • It effectively removes mold, bacteria, pollen, spider webs, and other types of dirt debris.   

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