Has the lingering odor on your carpet due to a pet mess made you sick? So, what did you do about it? Did you clean the carpet or plan to replace it? In case you cleaned it yourself, did you get rid of it? If not, have you considered hiring a pet stain and odor removal company to handle your carpets?

So many questions and you don’t have answers for all of them. But luckily we do. Pet urine contains ammonia which when left behind in the carpet, lets out a bad odor. You can remove this odor by cleaning the carpet correctly. But for better results, it’s best to hire professionals for the job.

However, the most important question is still left answered: How often should pet owners clean their carpets?

Pet Owner Guidelines On How Often Should Pet Owners Clean Their Carpets

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Pets are boon to our lives. They are the perfect companion anyone would ever want. But apart from being our best friends, there are few things that we need to tackle. One such thing is pet urine stains and odor.

Now, to answer your question on how often should pet owners clean their carpets is twice a week if they’re doing it on their own or twice a year by professionals.

Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

  • Removing pet hair is not an easy feat. They stick to every place and often aren’t removed completely by vacuum cleaners. It’s best to mop or brush your carpets before you vacuum them. It stops the vacuum cleaner from clogging due to the accumulation of pet hair.
  • Pet urine accidents are hard to predict and stop. But what you can do is to react immediately and remove as much urine from the carpet as possible. Dab the affected area with a paper towel and try to absorb most of the liquid. Try cleaning the area with a dishwasher and water mixture and then rinse off the excess soap mixture. Let the area air dry and then check if the stain is gone or not.
  • Urine stains leave behind murky odors which are hard to tolerate. You can either use an odor-eliminator present in the market or hire professional pet stain and odor remover cleaners.

Professionals Are The Optimum Solution For Cleaning-Up Pet Mess!

If you tried everything and still can’t get rid of pet stains or odor on your own, then it’s time to call professionals.

Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is one such professional carpet pet stain & odor removal service in Lakeland. We use chemical-free carpet cleaning products that cause no harm to your pets or kids.

To ensure complete removal of pet mess from your carpet, book an appointment with us on (305) 927-5959. We can assure you that you will receive 100% satisfaction with our services. To know more, follow us on Twitter.