Water damage never happens suddenly, until it occurs due to natural causes. Some signs convey the need for water damage repair services. For instance, if you see water stains on your wall plaster, then that is a sure shot sign of water damage in your home. Can water-damaged drywall be repaired? Yes, it is possible.

Hire water damage restoration contractors to deal with this problem as walls are the support system of your house. If it collapses while you’re mending to it, it can turn disastrous. If you are facing similar issues, then learn here how professionals repair the water-damaged wall plaster.

Guide On How Professionals Repair The Water Damaged Wall Plaster

⇒ The first thing the professional water damage experts do is to remove all the damaged pieces of the wall plaster.

⇒ The professionals inspect the damage and decide how much to cut out. They draw out the cutout part so you can see how much plaster they are cutting. Now, with the help of the drywall saw, they cut out the damaged sections.

⇒ Next, they measure out the size of the cutout and cut two plywood strips accordingly. The plywood strips are a little longer than the size of the cutoff to provide extra stability.

⇒ In this step, a professional water damage technician places the plywood strip inside the cutout and secures it by nailing it to the drywall using the drill.

⇒ Now, they once again measure the cutout. They cut the new drywall piece from the sheet using the new measurements. Lastly, they take the new piece and attach it with the help of nails.

⇒ It is time for one of the most important steps, that is, to apply compound over the covered-up drywall piece. Professional water damage experts mix the compound and apply it directly onto the drywall using a putty knife. After applying an even layer, they cover it up with drywall mesh tape. To make it merge properly with the compound, professionals push in the tape using a knife. Once it is set, they apply another layer of compound on the entire area using a taping knife.

⇒ The last step in repairing water-damaged wall plaster is to let the compound dry and then sand it properly. After sanding the area, they reapply the compound and repeat the process till they achieve a smooth finish on your drywall surface.

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