Have you ever felt a difference in temperature at your place? There are two reasons behind this problem. First, there is something wrong with the HVAC system or second, there is a problem with the air ducts. So, call up professionals, get them checked out to know where the actual problem lies.

If you find out that the problem is in air ducts, then look for the cause of it. The problems mostly occur due to blockage of air ducts due to the accumulation of the mass amount of debris, dust, pests, mold, etc.

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Are Clogged? Here Are Some Signs!

Air ducts provide sure short signs that indicate that they are blocked. Here are some of them:
⇒ The air inside your home feels really dirty and dusty.
⇒ If you notice a distinct smell in your home.
⇒ The air filters are clogged up.
⇒ Presence of mold and mildew around the HVAC system.
⇒ Pest infestation in your air ducts.
⇒ Your energy bills have increased exponentially.
⇒ Never clean your air duct before.

How To Clean The Blocked Air Duct?

There are two methods to clean air ducts. First, you can try to clean them yourself. For this, cover up your air vents with plastic to stop the debris from existing. Use a strong vacuum cleaner to clean the insides of the duct. You can also use a brush to clean the debris stuck on the sides. Lastly, collect all the waste from the blower department.

However, in most cases, when you try to clean air ducts yourself, you are hardly able to clean the surface of it. That is because to clean it properly, you need a really strong vacuum cleaner with an elongated attachment that can reach the inner depths of the air ducts. This is something that most homeowners don’t have.

Hence, we come to the second and more effective air duct cleaning method, that is, to hire all seasons air duct cleaning. Having professional air duct cleaners take a look at your air ducts is always a better option. Experts know what they are doing and also have the resources to facilitate a perfect cleaning condition.

A Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service Who Can Assist You!

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