Carpets withstand various dangers and challenges in their lifetime. From heavy wear and tear, foot traffic, shrinking of carpets due to excessive stress on it, the carpet withstands it all. But there’s one damage that can cause you to completely replace your carpet: water damage.

Water damage at home or offices can happen due to many reasons. There could be a problem with the plumbing, weather issues, clogged up sewage, whatever be the reason, the damage it causes to your property, especially your carpet is very significant. So, understanding the importance of water damage carpet cleaning is crucial.

Here, carpet cleaners play a major role in saving your carpet. Let’s find out those ways in which water damages your carpets.               

Four Ways Your Carpet Gets Damaged Due To Water

♦ Carpet Smells 

When carpets get wet, they start smelling. There are two reasons for this. First, the smell is caused by the growth of mold and mildew in the carpet. Second, when the carpets dry unevenly, they start to smell bad.        

♦ Loss of Color

Like clothes, even carpets lose color when submerged in water for long. Besides that, if the carpet doesn’t dry properly, they leave water stains on the carpet, making the carpet look bad in certain spots.   

♦ Causes Mold Growth in The Carpet  

Anywhere there is moisture, you will find mold and mildew growing there. The problem with them is that they cause skin irritation and respiratory problems in people around them. It also causes it to change color to green, black, or brown.   

♦ Ruins The Texture of The Carpet  

The carpet’s main attractiveness is its ability to give an exceptionally soft texture. Water damage can destroy the carpet’s fiber by deforming its shape and softness. Hence, whenever water damage strikes, contact carpet cleaners as soon as possible.

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