Water damage may occur because of bad climatic conditions, sewer pipe leaks, or faulty plumbing in your home. Whatever may be the case, the loss and destruction of household items are huge.

However, the most prominent harm occurs to the carpets placed in your house. Then, you may think “Should carpet be replaced after water damage?” No, you can save your water damaged carpet also.

Even carpet replacement costs are significantly higher than carpet cleaning costs. So, here are the 5 useful tips for water damage carpet cleaning, which can save your investment.

Useful Tips For Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Lakeland

1. Locate The Source Of Water

The first step towards damage control is to locate and stop the flow of water into the house. Once done, it is time to fix it up. For this purpose, you can either call a plumber or contractor to get an optimal solution.

2. Try Different Methods To Dry The Carpets Faster

Drying the carpet is an important step in water damage carpet cleaning. It is because mold starts growing on the wet surface of the carpet. Moreover, the fibers of the carpets are ruined if they remain wet for a long period.

You can use high-powered fans, dehumidifiers, dry or wet vacuums to dry off the carpets quickly. Always remember, the faster your carpet dries, the damage to it will reduce significantly.

3. Clean Up The Water Damaged Carpet

This is an important step towards recovering the carpet from all the water damages. At this stage, you can opt to do it on your own or opt for professional help. Either way, you can use a steam cleaning method to clean the carpet.

As steam cleaning not only deep cleans the carpet but also sanitizes it thoroughly. Thus, this process gets rid of both dirt and germs from your carpets. On this note, if you plan to restore the carpet after flooding, replace the carpet paddler completely.

4. Keep Distance From The Carpet After Cleaning

After the carpet has been fully cleaned, keep all objects, pets, children, and other members of the family away from it. Especially remove the furnishers from the area as wet carpets can ruin them. So, water damage affects adversely your carpets.

How Long Does It Take For Mold To Grow In A Wet Carpet?

Mold growth can occur under 24-48 hours on the damp or wet carpet surface. So, it is recommended to follow all the tips listed in this blog immediately after water damage occurs to your carpet. Moreover, since the carpet is in a delicate state, avoid walking over it till it dries. Or else, it may lead the adhesive backing of the carpet to separate from the carpet fibers.

At Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC, we provide rapid assistance to help recover your water damaged carpet back to its former self. Our notable carpet cleaning staff use modern tools and different methods to best suit your carpet’s type and needs.