When it comes to cleaning flooring, cleaning grout gives everyone nightmares. It is the hardest thing to clean in tile flooring, without a doubt. But, sadly they collect the most amount of grime and debris and need regular cleaning for hygiene reasons.

Well, we humans are lazy and are always looking for quick fixes that can make our lives easy. In the case of grout, people aren’t sure which cleaning agent to use. Some say to use bleach, others say to avoid it completely. So, the real question is, is it bad to use bleach on grout? 

Read this blog to know the answer to your question.

Want To Know – Is It Bad To Use Bleach On Grout?

The answer is yes, but in a very small portion. Anything used in excessive quantities can have a reverse effect than what you want. This is true in the case of bleach. Use only a small amount of bleach diluted with water on your grout. But in the long run, it is best advised by professionals to completely avoid using bleach on your grout.

Here is why. Bleach has several side effects on grout. Some of them are mentioned below.    

Side Effects of Using Bleach on Your Grout

⇒ Bleach Is Hard To Handle

Bleach is highly reactive and should be handled with care. A small amount of bleach on your skin can cause severe rashes, irritation, burns, and other serious skin diseases. Hence, if you were to use it to clean your grout, you are putting yourself in harm’s way. 

⇒ Bleach Can Corrode Metals

Bleach is acidic and can corrode metals when they come in contact with it. So, assuming if you spray some of it on any metal fixture, you will notice the fixture corrodes soon enough. All of this will cause you to put in more money to replace the damage caused by bleach.

⇒ Bleach Are Very Dilutable

You can easily dilute bleach with anything. So, when you dilute it with water, its effect decreases. Hence, the longer you use it, the lesser results you will get. In this case, the best solution to restore the shine of your grouts is by hiring tile floor restoration services

⇒ Bleach Whitten Everything

Some people question “will the bleach discolor the grout?” The answer is no, it won’t. It will whitten everything up, including the mold on it. You may think that since everything is white, the mold problem is also solved. Wrong! It will still be there on your grout, causing you harm.

Image Of Before - After Using Bleach

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