Nowadays people know the importance of indoor air quality. As indoor air pollution is a growing concern, so many companies are offering products that boost your indoor air quality.

The indoor air quality method includes your cooling and heating system with an air duct as a central part. The air duct cleaning process includes cleaning of cooling and heating components of a forced-air system. It maintains the clean, dirt-free indoor air quality of your home while also being energy-efficient. So, you need to plan for hiring professional air duct cleaning services.

Moreover, different factors affect the professional air duct cleaning cost. It depends on the number of ducts and types of services such as cleaning, inspection, mold cleaning, etc. Know here it’s more perspectives.

Top 4 Factors Impacting On Professional Air Duct Cleaning Cost

The national average cost of air duct cleaning is between $350 to $1,000. Read below to know more about the price of air duct cleaning.

1) Vent Cleaning Cost

The cost for the air duct cleaning is between $30 to $40 per vent. The cost of the air vent differs with various factors. It is based on the number of vents and per square foot of your home.

2) Cleaning Services Cost

The average cleaning cost of the air duct is around $530. Moreover, the companies also charge cleaning costs as per their working hours. It is generally between $90 to $150 per hour. Whereas other charges are based on square feet. It also varies with the size of your air duct system.

3) Mold Cleaning And Sanitizing Cost

Mold remediation cost varies between $2000 to $6000. It depends on the level of contamination. Whereas sanitizing cost is around $70 to $150 preventing mold formation and growth in the air duct. The mold removal process requires in-depth checking resulting in high charges.

4) Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost

The cleaning cost of the dryer vent is between $85 to $185. It helps to run a dryer effectively and increase its lifespan. It also reduces the chances of fire with your air duct system.

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