The exterior of the house is as important as the interior of the house. Therefore, when it becomes dirty due to the weather, dust, dirt, or other external forces, you need to put in the effort to clean the exterior too.

Now, cleaning the exterior requires one to use a ladder, bucket, soap, etc. Practically, it is not safe to do the cleaning yourself. Hence, the need to hire professional pressure washers arises.

By hiring professionals, the first concern that everyone raises is about the cost of the service. So, if you want to know the professional pressure cleaning cost, then scroll down below.

What Influences The Professional Pressure Cleaning Cost?

Many people confuse soft washing with pressure washing. However, both are different. Now, to the topic of professional pressure cleaning cost, on average, the price is between $170 to $315. Nevertheless, the cost of a professional cleaning service differs for the deck, as it is about $105 to $265.

Similarly, these prices are deferred in many aspects.

♦ Pressure Washing Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of pressure per square foot falls between the range of $0.35 to $0.80, with most high-pressure washing services pricing their services at $0.40 per square foot. As the size of the house determines the cost of the service, small-sized houses charge more per square foot than larger-sized houses.

♦ Commercial Pressure Washing Prices

If you hire one person to clean up your washing fleet trucks, then you have to shell out $65 to $95. Whereas, if you hire two-person for the task of cleaning heavy equipment, you have to pay $75 to $145. As for pressure washing the cars, the cost is $1.25 per car.

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